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January 1899, No. 11 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 8, col. 3

Grand Trunk improvements, &c.


It is the intention to bring all the structures between Montréal & Portland, Me., up to the requirements of the heaviest modern rolling stock & loads, but at present only those between Montréal & Island Pond are under renewal. The number of bridges on this latter section is 49, & their aggregate length if 4,674 ft. The most important one that—across the Richelieu river, a navigable stream—was finished early last year; its length if 1,107 ft. A large proportion of the bridges are small, & for these rivetted plate-girders are used. The large streams are crossed by pin-connected trusses, the spans varying in length from, say, 100 to 156 ft. It is also intended to renew some bridges on the Southern Division between Windsor & Fort Erie, Ont.

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