January 1904, No. 71 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 3, col. 2

Railway development.

Projected lines, surveys, construction, betterments, etc.


Huntsville and Lake of Bays Ry.—We were advised Dec. 12 that track was being laid on this mile of railway across the portage between the Lake of bays and Peninsula lake, near Huntsville, Ont. (Dec., 1903, pg. 423.)


Owen Sound to Durham.—Owen Sound, Ont., papers are advocating the construction of 29 miles of railway from that town to Durham, the terminus of the G.T.R. branch from Mount Forest, the object being to gain a short connection with Hamilton and the U.S. lines. At present Owen Sound is the terminus of the C.P.R. branch line, the old Toronto, Grey and Bruce Ry., and of a short branch from the Wiarton line of the G.T.R.


Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Ry.—We were officially advised, on Oct. 8, that there was nothing in the press reports respecting a proposed extension of the this line from Brantford to Drumbo, Ont. Since that date, however, E. Fisher, General Superintendent, has had interviews with the Brantford city council at Hamilton, and meetings have been held at Brantford and other points in the vicinity, at which resolutions favoring an extension were passed. Some of the localities favor an extension to Goderich.

The company is also negotiating with the Hamilton city council for permission to construct some spur lines in the city. (Oct., 1903, pg. 347.)

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