August 1904, No. 78 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 277, col. 2

Railway development.

Projected lines, surveys, construction, betterments, etc.


James Bay Ry.—At the current session of the Dominion Parliament an act was passed extending the time for the completion of the company's projected railway, and authorizing the making of agreements for purchase or lease or amalgamation, with the Great Northern Ry. of Canada, the Chateauguay and Northern Ry., and the Irondale, Bancroft and Ottawa Ry.

An extension of the line from the station to the water front at Parry Sound, about a mile in length, is about completed. The work includes one extensive rock cut. The contractors are Johnson and Beveridge.

In connection with the construction of the line into Toronto, the company has filed plans showing the entry into the city and asked for the expropriation of the land necessary for terminals. The land asked for included the burned out district south of Front St. This matter was taken up at Ottawa July 22, before the Railway Commission, and an understanding was arrived at with the C.P.R., the G.T.R., and the city council representatives that the J. B. Ry. interests would be properly safeguarded in connection with the erection of a new Union station. Contracts have been arranged for the construction of the line from Toronto to Parry Sound, Ont., but the details, etc., are not all arranged. It is understood, however, that the portion of the line between Toronto and Washago, near Orillia, will be constructed by A. R. Mann and Archibald Mackenzie, and that the portion from Washago to Parry Sound will be constructed by Angus Sinclair, C.E. (July, pg. 233.)


Lindsay, Bobcaygeon and Pontypool Ry.—The line from Burketon to Bobcaygeon, Ont., has been completed. It was inspected by the Dominion Government engineers, and C.P.R. officials, July 26, and on July 28 a number of invited guests went over it by special train. The line will be operated by the C.P.R., under lease, and a circular issued July 28 to the effect that it would be opened for traffic Aug. 1. (July, pg. 233.)

Railways: G.N.Ry. of Can., I.B. & O.Ry., J.B.Ry.

Stations: Parry Sound, Toronto, Washago