September 1904, No. 79 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 319, col. 2

G.T.R. betterments, construction, etc.

Hamilton freight sheds.—The new freight sheds on Ferguson Ave., between Barton and Cameron streets, have been completed and are now being used for the receipt and despatch of freight. The new shed is 1,200 ft. long by 40 ft. wide, and is fitted with the most modern appliances for the expeditious handling of freight. At the north end of the shed is a two-storey office building for the freight agent and his staff.

Hamilton-Sarnia second track.—We were advised Aug. 19 that the contractors are busy on all parts of the second track work between Hamilton and Lynden, and Paris and London. The earthwork, masonry and steel superstructures are all under way, and it is expected that both sections will be entirely completed by the beginning of winter. (Aug., pg. 285.)

Brantford station.—Work is in progress on the new station at Brantford, Ont. The building will be a handsome one 206 ft. in length, including the express room, by an extreme width of 59 ft. The exterior will be faced with blue granite to window sill course, and above with paving blocks and pink granite trimmings. The roof will be of red tile. The general waiting room will have a mosaic tile floor, its wainscot to consist of enameled tile, with ornamental tile frieze and cap. All door and window casings will be of marble. The walls above will be plastered, also the ceiling, which is divided into deep panels by heavy architraves, supported by wall columns and pilasters, all of which will be richly decorated. This room will have a height of 23 ft., and receives its principal light from a series of clear-story windows above the shed roof; all clear-story windows will be glazed with ornamental beaded glass, all main windows with polished plate glass. The extreme length of the waiting room is 72 ft. by a width of 59 ft. Annexed to this room, besides ticket office, will be a men's smoking room and ladies' and men's toilet, also baggage room. The entrance from town side is provided with a porte cochere. A covered walk 30×60 ft. connects the station with the express room, which is 35 by 45 ft. There is a handsome tower at the waiting room end of the building.

Stratford shops.—The Stratford, Ont., city council has agreed to the application of the company fixing its taxation at $8,000 a year for 10 years. We were advised that the enlargement of the shops at this point was contingent upon this agreement being reached. Following is a detailed description of the alterations and enlargements which it is proposed to make:—The present erecting shop is to be extended into the present boiler shop, a distance of 179 ft., which will give twelve additional pits for engine repairs. These pits are to be of 22 ft. centres, and built of concrete. An additional hoist and transfer table will be used in connection with this extension. An entire new boiler shop will be erected. The dimensions of this shop will be 169 ft. long by 120 ft. wide. It will be equipped with two electric travelling cranes, one of 30 tons and one of 10 tons capacity. The height from the floor to the roof trusses will be 41 ft. The building is to have cement foundation, and the upper portion of white brick, with the exception of the window frames and sashes, which will be composed entirely of cement, brick and structural steel. The machinery is to be driven by electric motors. A new tender shop is to be built at right angles to and adjoining the new boiler shop, with an opening into the latter shop, so that the tools and machinery in boiler shop can be used for tender shop work. This latter shop will be 326 ft. long by 102 ft. wide. It will be built in a similar manner to the new boiler shop, and of the same construction. A new brass foundry, 70 ft. by 41 ft., will be built. This building will be composed of cement foundations, brick and structural steel for roof trusses, etc. There will be an addition of 50 ft. put on the east end of present blacksmith shop; and the east end of present tender shop will be extended 70 feet. This latter building will be used for light repairs to locomotives, repairs to steam shovels, and other similar work. There will also be an addition (60 ft. by 41 ft.) to the west end of present tender shop. This is to be used as a wheel shop. The present brass foundry is to be converted into additional machine shop space. The new buildings and additions to old ones will give 74,654 sq. ft. of additional floor space. A large amount of new and up-to-date machinery is to be installed in the different shops. In addition to the new machinery there will be installed a new 300 K.W. electric generator to work the electric cranes and machinery that will be electrically driven. Tenders for the work have been asked for, but have not yet been given out. The approximate cost for the whole improvements will be about $117,000. (Aug., pg. 287.)

East London roundhouse.—The new roundhouse which is being erected at East London is being constructed of concrete walls, with a felt and gravel roof. The roundhouse will be circular in form, and there will be machine shops for doing running repairs adjoining. The roundhouse is a 40-stall one, 80 ft. between walls inside, and having a 70 ft. turntable with pneumatic turntable motor attached. There will be two ash pits with cinder hoist and buckets, the cinders being pneumatically conveyed from pits to cinder car without shovelling. The coal chutes are G.T.R. standard pattern, 20 chutes on each side, each chute having a capacity of 10 tons. Coal cars are pushed up the incline, the coal being delivered in hopper bottom cars. There will be a machine shop 112 by 52 ft. in connection with the roundhouse to take care of the running repairs. Shop will be equipped with air and steam piping complete, 50 that engines can be washed out or have their equipment tested on every pit in the shop. The heating is G.T.R. standard system, using condensed steam from the compressor and stationary engine, which goes through a superheater to a hot well, and from there is pumped through the coils around the shop, returning to the hot well. This system eliminates the use of live system entirely. Adjoining the roundhouse there will be coal chutes, tracks, ash pits, etc., the plans for which have not been completed. A contract for the erection of the roundhouse has been let to J. Hayman & Sons, London. (Aug., pg. 285.)

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Brantford, Stratford