Monday, August 18, 1873 The Daily Globe (Toronto) Page 2

A Railway to Muskoka.

The River Severn is the southerly boundary of the Muskoka free grant district, and it is announced to-day the first regular daily railway connection will be made between Toronto and the Severn at Washago, over the Northern and the Northern Extension Railways. While the progress of this extension is so far satisfactory, and most beneficial to the trade of Toronto as well as to the prosperity of the free grant country, no pause should be made in pushing it forward to Gravenhurst. It is of the last importance to the large tract of country tributary to the chain of lakes north of Gravenhurst that there should be a railway completed across the portage of fourteen miles, between that place and Washago. The immense lumber region connected with the Muskoka waters would then also pour its wealth of square timber and sawn lumber directly into Toronto, instead of sending it into the Georgian Bay by a difficult and costly outlet. The directors of the Company are not doubt alive to the necessity of completing to Gravenhurst without any delay whatever. A considerable amount of the grading on line has already been done.