Friday, January 17, 1873 The Woodstock Sentinel (Woodstock) Page 2

Railway meetings.

The meeting held at Innerkip on Thursday 9th inst., in the interests of our railway, was highly encouraging. After a discussion of the subject by Messrs. Moore, Parker and several local gentlemen, the following resolution was unanimously carried: "That this meeting take into their favourable consideration the propriety of giving a bonus to the P. D. & L. H. R. R."

A committee consisting of Messrs. Joseph Walton, Dr. Clement, George Hotson and N. H. Nartley was appointed to confer with the Directors of the P. D. & L. H. R. R. Co. in reference thereto.

Mr. Moore passed through here on Monday to attend a series of meetings in the adjoining county—Perth.

Another meeting is to be held in East Oxford, at Bazenby's school house, on Monday evening next, at 7 p. m.

Railways: Pt.D. & L.H.Ry.