Friday, December 9, 1870 The Woodstock Sentinel (Woodstock) Page 2, col. 4


From our Special Correspondent.

Dear Sir:

 ..  On the same evening took place our railway meeting. There was a good attendance, and a good deal of interest taken to the matter. Norwich, Otterville and Springford, are quite agreed in their request, and are co-operating. They want [illegible—two sections] in this township—one on the east quarter town line, and one on the west. This will accommodate it, Springford people, and all in the neighborhood, and the Norwich and Otterville people too. Requisitions were unanimously passed, appointing men to draw up a requisition, to be signed by the inhabitants, asking the directors of the road to locate a situation at each of these places. Two men were appointed on each concession to get signatures. They expect that three-fourths of the inhabitants of the township will sign the requisition. Springford has appointed Mr. Wilcox, Otterville, Mr. Bullock, of Norwich, Messrs. Bar and Moore to present the requisition to the directors at Fort Erie. I hear that they are working at the line now. They expect to have all the cutting done this winter, and to have the road running by this time next year.  ..