Friday, December 22, 1871 The Woodstock Sentinel (Woodstock) Page 2, col. 6

Meeting of the railway delegates.

From the attendance, and feeling exhibited at the meeting of Railway delegates in the town hall on Friday [December 15, 1871], there can no longer be any doubt about the deep interest which is felt by the various municipalities along the projected line of route, in the construction of the Woodstock and Lake Erie Railway. The remarks which fell from the various speakers during the discussion of the resolutions submitted, showed that both they and those whom they represented, were fully alive to the importance of the scheme being carried out successfully. Owing to want of space this week, we are compelled to curtail our report of the proceedings, and shall, therefore only give the resolutions carried which were as follows:

Moved by H. Parker, Esq., and seconded by T. J. Clark, Esq., and resolved that in the opinion of this meeting the time has come when efforts should be made to secure additional railway facilities for this town and vicinity, and that it is desirable to obtain a charter from the Legislature for permission to construct a railway from Port Dover, on Lake Erie, to Woodstock, with power to extend the same to the town of Stratford.

Moved by Thos. Oliver, Esq., M. P., seconded by Donald Matheson, Esq., and resolved, that the provisional directors to be appointed consist of three persons from each municipality represented here with power to add three other persons from each municipality on the line of route which may hold meetings in accordance with the circular sent them.

Railways: Pt.D. & L.H.Ry.