Friday, March 15, 1872 The Woodstock Sentinel (Woodstock) Page 2, col. 1

The Port Dover Railway.

Now that a charter for this railway has been obtained from the Legislature, the time has arrived when vigorous measures should be devised to secure the necessary means for its construction. Nor should there be any delay in the matter. To delay now is simply to acknowledge our lack of faith in the scheme, as well as our financial weakness, and inability to carry it out. Upon the management rests the responsibility of preventing such reflection. To it we look for prompt, energetic and judicious action, and this wanting, at the present stage, failure is certain. The first step, of course, is to secure the requisite amount of stock from private shareholders, to enable to Company to elect a permanent Board of Directors, or ask for municipal bonuses. This is one hundred thousand dollars, ten per cent. of which must be placed on deposit in the bank, a sum which, with a little exertion, we should think, could easily be procured. Surely sufficient interest is felt in the scheme by the property-holders in Woodstock to furnish twenty thousand dollars of this amount, and the remaining eight thousand ought certainly to be forthcoming from the other municipalities along the proposed line of route. A meeting of the Provisional Board took place in the town last week, wen we believe, the stock books were opened and several thousand dollars subscribed. Some of the gentlemen present took ten shares—one thousand dollars—the amount required by the charter to qualify them for directors. If the same spirit is shown by others equally interested, here and elsewhere, the Company will soon be in a position to appeal for support to the various municipalities. According to the construction put upon an important clause of the Railway Act by the present Government, and a reasonable bonus from each of the municipalities, it only requires proper exertion on the part of the Provisional Directors to put success of the Norfolk, Woodstock and Lake Huron Railway beyond a peradventure. Let us hope they will not prove themselves unequal to their responsibilities.

Railways: Pt.D. & L.H.Ry.