Friday, November 22, 1872 The Woodstock Sentinel (Woodstock) Page 2, col. 1

East Oxford and the railway.

Meeting in Rice's School House.

A public meeting, to lay before the people of that section the claims to their support of the Lake Huron and Port Dover Railway scheme, was called in Rice's school house, East Oxford, on Wednesday evening. Only limited notice of the meeting had been given and the attendance was consequently not large. George Currie, Esq. Reeve of the Township, occupied the chair, and Mr. Powell acted as Secretary. there were present from Woodstock, the Warden, H. Parker, Esq., Thos. Liver, M. P., Messrs. T. J. Clark, F. B. Scofield, A. McCleneghan, Clarkson, R. W. Sawtell and G. R. Pattullo; and from Norwich, Gilbert Moore, Esq. The latter, who was the first speaker, presented to the meeting, in a clear, forcible and candid manner, the many advantages they would secure by the construction of the proposed road, proving conclusively that if the township of East Oxford granted a bonus of $10,000 to the scheme, every farmer who was taxed therefor would, by securing a higher price for his products—resulting from the increased railway facilities for their shipment—receive a very handsome return for the money invested. Mr. Parker followed, giving figures the show the probable cost of the road, the sources from which the directors expected to secure the requisite means for its construction and, contrasting the prices charged for freight at Woodstock with places where there were competing lines of railway, proved thereby that the farmers of East Oxford and elsewhere, whose market is Woodstock, would, by the construction of the Port Dover Road as a competitor of the Great Western, obtain a much higher price for their grain and other produce, than it was now possible for the buyers to give, owing to the excessive freight charges. Mr. Oliver deprecated the idea advanced by some that Woodstock would be a greater gainer by the building of the road than the country which was tributary to it. He showed that the interests of the town and country were identical in the matter and what would benefit the one would be equally beneficial to the other. He concluded with an earnest and powerful appeal to every farmer present to give the road his heartiest support. Other gentlemen also addressed the meeting, and, after some discussion, a resolution moved by Capt. Chambers and seconded by David Watt, recommending the Council, should other sections of the township concur, to submit a By-law to the ratepayers, granting a bonus of $10,000 to the road, was put and carried. It was then resolved that a public meeting should be called by the Provisional Directors in the town hall, Oxford Centre, on Wednesday [evening] next, 27th. inst. A vote of thanks to the chairman and speakers brought the meeting to a close.

Railways: Pt.D. & L.H.Ry.