Friday, January 27, 1871 The Woodstock Sentinel (Woodstock) Page 1, col. 6

The Legislature of Ontario.

Mr. Perry moved an address for a copy of the report of the Select Committee respecting the Woodstock and Erie Railway and Harbour Company, presented to the House of Assembly of the late Parliament of Canada, in the year 1857, with the evidence taken before said Committee. He was actuated by a desire he said, to give the public the important information contained in the report, and evidence referred to in his motion. The matter had reference to the Municipal Loan Fund, which would have to be dealt with by the present or by the future Government, and the sooner it was dealt with the better. The peculiar position of the municipalities affected by the report now asked for was, he thought, sufficient to warrant the House in granting the motion. While other municipalities had been so unfortunate as to obtain but little return for their money which they had borrowed from the fund, the municipalities interested here—Woodstock, Norwich, &c.,—had nothing whatever to show. The hon. member for South Oxford (Mr. Oliver) had already put the House in possession of the main facts of this matter, and he would not consequently further occupy the time of the House. It was of the utmost importance that the House should be in possession of full information before they took any action on the Municipal Loan Fund indebtedness.

Hon. J. S. McDonald said this Government had no power to furnish the information, as it was in possession of the Dominion Government. He thought, however, that the information might be obtained.

The motion passed.