Friday, March 13, 1931 The Toronto Daily Star (Toronto) Page 1, col. 7

Will ensure safety in switching trains

System installed by Toronto Terminals also means accuracy

A new element of safety and accuracy in switching trains east and west of the Union Station will be introduced at midnight Sunday with the completion of the Cherry St. interlocking station. From 4,800 feet north of the Don station to 1,000 feet east of Cherry St. switches be controlled by a few men, displaying the scores of switchmen who formerly turned all switches in the yards by hand.

The Cherry St. station is the first completed of three such interlocking centres, the other two being located at Scott St. and John St. The latter two will be completed shortly.

In the Cherry St. tower, there are 71 small levers operating 55 three position signals showing red, yellow and green lights, and controlling the movement through seven double slip switches and eighteen split switches.

The element of increased safety, because of the fact that a large number of switchmen will be removed from possible injury, was a prime consideration in the change. Movement in the yards will be considerably speed up.

The system has been installed by the Toronto Terminals Railway System under supervision of U. E. Gillen, general manager and W. L. Black, superintendent of signals. It is the second to be installed in Canada the other being in operation in MontréalThe T.H. & B.Ry. installed a 72-lever, General Railway Signal Model 5D interlocking, the first of its type in Canada, at HamiltonRailway Signaling, July 1931 Vol. 24, No. 7, pp. 245-247. When this interlocking was decommissioned, the equipment was sent to T.T.Ry. as spare parts.. Men displaced by the system will be transferred to other points and employed in yards where manual operation is still used.

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