Wednesday, February 7, 1940 The Toronto Daily Star (Toronto) Page 8, col. 4

East York township is anxious to close old Belt Line bridge

The wooden bridge over the Belt Line ravine at Heath St. E. in East York township may soon be closed to traffic and dismantled.

East York township council this week instructed Grant R. Jack, township engineer, to take the necessary steps for permission to close the bridge to traffic. The municipal board is to be petitioned for authority to do so.

It was pointed out that the bridge has been in use for some 30 years having been erected by the Grand Trunk Railway. It is badly in need of repairs, but the amount of traffic using the structure does not warrant any great expense. Mr. Jack explained that the bridge was used mostly by persons residing just outside the township. Another bridge across the ravine a short distance north.

Action to close the bridge is being taken because there has been no co-operation from Toronto with a view to bearing a portion of the costs of repairing the bridge, it was stated. A census of the traffic is being taken.

Railways: C.N.Rys.