Saturday, October 25, 1947 The Toronto Daily Star (Toronto) Page 10, col. 2

Commuters to get improved facilities

Long Branch, Oct. 25.—Plans and estimates for improved facilities at the Long Branch C.N.R. waiting room at an estimated cost of $5,000, are being prepared, J. F. Pringle, Vice-President and General Manager of the C.N.R. Central DivisionDistrict has announced. The announcement followed receipt of a petition from 125 Long Branch commuters lead by Robert Harwood, Birch Ave.

"Greatly increased use of local trains by reason of rapid increase in population in the area during recent years has outmoded the present 20 by 8 foot waiting room," said Harwood. "By actual count, 78 commuters boarded the second of the two morning trains. The present shelter is inadequate to shelter this number in winter or rainy weather, and is kept locked at night."

The petition also asked for a platform for boarding the train, as passengers must step 24 inches from open gravel to climb aboard. It asked that there be one train which would stop after 11 p.m. for the convenience of those who wish to spend the evening in Toronto.

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