Wednesday, August 15, 1945 The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Page 9, col. 6

Cordite ablaze at Parry Sound

Parry Sound, Aug. 14 (Special).—While victory celerbations were in progress here broke out about 9:30 tonight at Depot Harbor, on Parry Island. Believed to have started in an old grain elevator which was being dismantled, the fire spread to two huge freight sheds said to be full of Australian wool and cordite.

Police Chief George Doolittle of Parry Sound stated that there were 60 carloads of cordite in the sheds and flames from the fire were so bright at 11 o'clock that a newspaper could be read by their light on the mainland.

The fire was being fought at that time by a single Canadian National Railways fire engine and volunteers from the island's population. A call was received in Parry Sound for aid but because of rough water the ferry was unable to transport equipment.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Depot Harbor