Monday, January 2, 1950 The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Page 1, col. 7

Cut in passenger trains will be only temporary.

Montréal, Jan. 1 (CP).—Canadian National Railways promised Saturday that the train services it plans to cut because of a fuel shortage will be restored as quickly as coal becomes available.

The C.N.R., in a statement by N. B. Walton, executive vice-president, announced last Wednesday that it planned a 25 per cent system-wide reduction in steam-operated passenger trains effective Jan. 9 because of depletion of fuel reserves as a result of work stoppages and shortened working hours in United States mines, its main sources of coal.

Saturday, R. C. Vaughan, on his last day in office as president, said that if the cuts go into effect, they will be only temporary.

Mr. Vaughan, who is succeeded by Donald Gordon, former deputy governor of the Bank of Canada, also revealed that the company is having trouble getting suitable coal from mines in the Maritime provinces. Individual and organizations in that area have protested against C.N.R. plans to reduce passenger train services there, contending that enough coal is available in the Martimes.

"I would like to make it clear that if it should prove necessary to curtail passenger services on Jan. 9," said Mr. Vaughan, "the reductions will be of a temporary character. Services will be restored as quickly as coal becomes available."

The proposed cuts in passenger train service were planned to spread the effect of coal shortages as evenly as possible across the system.

"On this, my last day in office, I have discussed the situation with my successor, Donald Gordon, and I can state that the assurance I have given with regard to the restoration of train services on the improvement in the coal situation are concurred in by him."

The CNR head referred to the difficulty of getting enough coal from Martime mines and said, "The last thing we want to do is to takes off the Ocean Limited."

The matter would be further considered if there was any improvement in the situation before Jan. 9.

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