Monday, February 26, 1951 The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Page 207

16 cattle victims of wreck, 32 survive ordeal in dark

Orillia, Feb. 25.—Two cattle cars containing 48 head of cattle were hurled down an embankment at Sparrow Lake Saturday night [February 24]. The cattle were left bawling, screaming and frightened until veterinarian Dr. Tremayne Behan and other workers released them Sunday morning. Of the 48, 16 were dead or had to be slaughtered immediately.

I thought we'd have to use a gun on the whole lot, said Dr. Behan. But we found 32 all right although badly frightened and exhausted by their overnight ordeal. I'm amazed that only 16 were lost.

In all, six freight cars, some containing new automobiles, were thrown down the embankment when two freight trains collided at 9:30 p.m. Saturday on the CNR Washago-Toronto line.

A northbound train was entering a siding when a southbound train clipped it. Reports from the scene said the southbound train did not allow the other sufficient time to enter the siding.If the trains were of the same class, then the northbound (inferior direction) train may have been at fault for not clearing the mainline for the southbound (superior direction) train.

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