Wednesday, January 6, 1954 The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Page 26

Precious metals theft charged to Toronto pair.

Port Colborne, Jan. 5.—Two Toronto men charged with the Nov. 3 theft of two metal containers of precious metals concentrate, valued at $262,000, from a shipment of the International Nickel Co. Refinery here, were committed for trial this afternoon.

Josephy Harborway, 33, and Edwin Blair, 29, at a preliminary hearing before Magistrate T. George Street, also face charges of possession of high grade ore and stolen goods.

Evidence at the hearing was that the two containers, part of a shipment of seven, disappeared from a CNR platform here the afternoon of Nov. 3. They were recovered later that night from a culvert near an automobile crash on a side road near Calstorville. The auto belonged to Blair, Harborway suffered a fractured neck in the crash.

A chemist testified he found traces of platinum, gold and palladium, some elements of the concentrate, on the clothing of Harborway and on the front seat, visor and top of the Blair car.

The Crown, represented by County Crown Attorney T. F. Forestell and OPP Inspector J. L. Needham of the Criminal Investigation Bureau, introduced 10 witnesses and almost 40 exhibits at the hearing, which lasted nearly four hours.

Bail of $50,000 for each was continued.

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