Thursday, January 14, 1954 The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Page 1, col. 7

Truck hits train, driver killed; charge gateman

A truck-driver was killed, a CNR brakeman was injured and a gateman charged with criminal negligence as a result of a level-crossing crash between the westbound Toronto-London Flyer and a panel truck at Clarkson late yesterday.

The truck driver, Wilfred Howe, 26, of Carlaw Ave., died in St. Joseph's Hospital from a skull fracture and multiple leg fractures an hour and a half after the train demolished his truck, scattering the wreckage for 100 yards along the track.

Pieces of flying debris stuck the brakeman, Charles Monkley, 26, of 58 Rosemount Ave., who used his flashlight in an attempt to warn the approaching trucker of the train.

Howe, who drove for a Long Branch cleaning firm, was nearing the level-crossing when Monkley, working on a switch engine in the station yards, saw the Toronto-London train speeding toward the crossing. The gates were still up.

From a hospital bed in St. Joseph's last night he told what happened:

"I saw both the train and truck coming toward the crossing and I knew they were going to hit. I tried to warn the driver, but he could not see me," he said.

"I got out my flashlight and tried to signal him. It was daylight, but I thought the light might attract his attention.

"When he braked it was too late. The road was slippery, too.

"I knew I had to get out of the

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