Thursday, January 14, 1954 The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Page 2, col. 4

Charge CNR gateman in crossing death

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way. Just as I'd turned to get clear something hit me in the back—it may have been a wheel, I don't know—and knocked me to the ground.

I looked up to see a fender flying just over my head. Then they carried me into the station on a stretcher. I suppose I can consider myself lucky I got out with a fractured left leg, he said.

After the collision, William Mitchell of Palermo, the gateman at Clarkson, was questioned by police and later charged with criminal negligence. He was held in Brampton jail.

Police said he claimed he saw the truck moving slowly toward the crossing. He rang the bell, but the driver was looking away from the direction the train was coming. The, he said, he attempted to get the gate down but it was jammed.

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