Wednesday, March 2, 1955, Vol. 111, No. 32829 The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Page 8, col. 1

Shunting freight plows into wall of CNR station

Windsor, March 1 (CP).—A shunting Canadian National Railway freight train tonight crashed through a stop block and plowed into the east wall of the Windsor CNR station. No one was injured.

An empty refrigerator car was pushed through the station wall by the momentum, piling bricks and rubble to a depth of four feet in the unoccupied room.

If the accident had happened 45 minutes later, a railway official said, the room might have been crowded with persons from a west-bound passenger train seeking their luggage.

H. B. Giles, terminal stationmaster, said damage to the station and two freight cars was heavy, but he declined to estimate the amount.

Mr. Giles said the eastbound freight train was being made up on a siding. He said the 35-car train was being moved along the track to make room for more cars when the accident happened.

The refrigerator car was forced through a heavy, concrete-embedded steel stop block, over 15 feet of pavement, and through the station wall. Windows in other parts of the station were shattered by the impact.

A flat car loaded with steel, behind the refrigerator car, also was damaged.

The force of the cars hitting the stop block snapped both railings several feet from the end of the siding, gouging large pieces of pavement from a passenger walk that runs alongside.

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