1906 Annual report of the Department of Railways and Canals for the fiscal year from July 1, 1904 to June 30, 1905 (Ottawa) Page 14

Magnetawan River Railway Company.

This company was incorporated by the Act 1 Edward VII. (Ontario), chap. 83 (1901), with powers to construct a railway between a point in or near the village of Burk's Falls, in the district of Parry Sound, and a point on the Magnetawan river, in the said district of Parry Sound, where the said river is navigable for vessels.

By the Railway Subsidy Act, 1 Edward VII., chap. 7 (1901), item 22, the grant of a subsidy of $3,200 a mile, with a further subsidy of 50 per cent on average expenditure in excess of $15,000 a mile, the whole subsidy not to exceed $6,400 a mile, was authorized for a line of railway from a point on the Grand Trunk Railway at or near Burk's Falls, Ontario, to the Magnetawan river, not exceeding two miles.

The company having applied for this subsidy, a contract was entered into with them accordingly, on March 19, 1903.

During 1902-03 there was paid to the company the sum of $3,552.

No further payments were made up to June 30, 1905.

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