September 13, 1919, Vol. 54, No. 11 Electric Railway Journal (New York) Page 535, col. 2

Ontario Hydro-Railway problem

Following the recent voting at Guelph, Ont., when the citizens overwhelming gave their verdict against the city entering into an agreement with the Grand River Railway, Sir Adam Beck, chairman of the Ontario Hydro-Electric Commission, visited Guelph on invitation of the Mayor and the railways and manufacturers committee, and had a conference on Aug. 21.

The advice of Sir Adam was first asked as to the best method of dealing with the Guelph Municipal Electric Railway. He suggested two ways of handling the situation:

  1. That the city put the line into shape by reconstructing the roadbed, putting the overhead wires in good condition and putting on small one-man cars with more frequent service; debentures to be issued to cover the cost of these improvements and the city still to continue to operate the road.
  2. That the railway be leased to the Hydro Commission or sold outright to the commission with the idea making it a part of the hydro-radial system.

As a result of the meeting it is expected that the Council will pass a resolution at the next meeting asking the Hydro Commission to make a thorough investigation of the civic line with a view to making improvements and submit a report to the city.

Sir Adam explained, in connection with the projected hydro-radial railway, which will give the city of Guelph connection with the north and south of Ontario, that until such time as the Council of Guelph passed the necessary resolution obligating the city for 10 per cent over and above the additional amount voted in 1916, nothing could be done, as this was blocking the whole hydro undertaking between Toronto and London. Mayor Carter said that he would not sign the resolution until the ratepayers had passed upon it, but Sir Adam said that so long as the Council passed upon it, but Sir Adam said that so long as the Council passed the resolution he would be satisfied if the Mayor never signed it.

The chairman of the Hydro Commission also stated that surveying parties are now at work around Hespeler and that fresh estimates wold be prepared for the roads in that district. It would be folly to parallel the present Grand Trunk lines if they can be taken over and electrified.

Railways: G.R.Ry.