January 1, 1900, Vol. 24, No. 23 The Street Railway Journal (New York)

Park business from Toronto

The Toronto & York Radial Railway, of Toronto, Ont., says that last summer when banners were places upon the Toronto Railway cars containing the two words Bond Lake, a great deal of curiosity among the citizens of Toronto as to what the words meant. The conductors were deluged with questions. The consensus of opinion appears to be that a new form of patent medicine was being advertised. The lack of information on the part of the citizens of Toronto as to Bond Lake was surprising to the management of the company. There are thousands of people in Toronto who do not know that 17 miles to the north of the city lies a park comprising about 200 acres prettily situated on rising ground. In elevation the park is 720 ft. above the level of Lake Ontario, and, by reason of its elevation, even in the sultriest days of summer, is always cool. The beautiful little lake within the park is adapted to boating. The waters are cool and clear and shelter from storms on every side by hills and trees. The park is well wooded with cedar, spruce, maple and pine and forms a splendidly shaded promenade. There are play grounds, swings, boats, rain shelters, a pavilion and everything that makes up the ideal pleasure resort.

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