September 1945, No. 1 Upper Canada Railway Society Newsletter (Toronto) Page 1

A word of explanation

The appearance of this news-sheet marks the beginning of a plan which has been forming for some time in the minds the Directors of the Society. The Society's Bulletin always seemed to be a dual-natured thing, concerning itself with (l) Articles of Railroad history, intended to be of general interest to everyone, and (2) News of the Society and of its members, which was of no particular consequence to anyone except Society members. Now that the Bulletin is definitely open for sale to non-members, it was felt that its standard would be raised considerably by eliminating the second element mentioned above and publishing this quite separately in a periodic one page news-sheet which would be for distribution to members only. This is the first one of these. The Bulletin henceforth, will follow more closely the pattern of Bulletins published by several other well-known railroad fan organizations in the U.S.A. and Canada; no longer will it serve the purpose of reporting news.

It is not known just yet how often the news-sheet will be published, but it is likely that its publication will follow no definite schedule; rather an issue will appear each tine enough material has accumulated to publish one. There is every reason to believe that in the days of expanded membership and activities that must surely lie in the reasonably near future, an issue can be published every two or three weeks. Again, as in the case of the Bulletin, the members themselves will largely control the success of this venture. Any odd bits of news, concerning Society members or concerning railroads of the region will be welcomed by the Editor.

Stuart I. Westland
Editor, U.C.R.S. News Letter