October 1945, No. 2 Upper Canada Railway Society Newsletter (Toronto) Page 3

Other notes


C.N.R. locomotives recently observed as being newcomers to the Toronto are: 793, 7141, 7146, 7202, 8397, 8400, 8345

Canadian Transportation reports that the C.P.R. has received seven new Diesel switchers from Alco between July 20-August 20, Most of them have been seen around Toronto yards recently. In addition, they have received eight new light Pacifics, class G-5-b. We presume the numbers are 1202-1207, although this has no definite proof.

A new maple leaf monogram is appearing in the tenders of the U-1-f semi-streamlined Mountains of the C.N.R., only recently built. It consists of smaller white "Canadian National" letters on a green maple leaf, set on a red rectangle as a background, whose size is about the same as that of the previous well-known herald.

Railways: C.N.Rys., C.P.Ry.