December 1945, No. 3 Upper Canada Railway Society Newsletter (Toronto) Page 4

T.T.C. 1782 put to strange use

Back in June, a Toronto Railway car of the T.T.C., 1782 by number, met with a minor accident in which the front vestibule was slightly damaged. This did not look serious, yet 1782 remained dormant at the rear of Hillcrest shops and shopmen slowly began removing controller, brake valve, and various other appurtenances. This made railfans very dubious as to the future of this veteran car. Then suddenly, and very unexpectedly, a picture appears in the Toronto Evening Telegram on December 15th showing 1782 minus trucks and loaded on a truck en route to West Hill, Scarborough, once the terminus of the famed Scarborough Division of the T.&Y.R.R., later the Scarborough Line of the T.T.C. There it is to be used as a Sunday School; possibly only the lumber is to be used in the construction work. It remains to be seen just how well the body of 1782 is preserved in its new location and pursuit.

In a very unfortunate open switch accident on Nov. 7th, T.T.C. 1348 overturned on the Lighthouse Loop; it was less fortunate than 1830 which did the same act in a snow storm a year ago, since the former struck a pole, and the front was badly smashed, and had to be completely demolished. There seemed to be little hope for 1348 for a while, but it is now in the shop and is almost repaired. The prospect of no new equipment for months yet is causing the T.T.C. again to make heavy repairs to the T.R. cars—some are now being shopped that have lain idle since the summer. Very recently, on December 17th, 1538 had its rear vestibule demolished in a collision, and it now waits outside the shop, hoping for a lenient judgment.

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