December 1945, No. 3 Upper Canada Railway Society Newsletter (Toronto) Page 5

Discovered—Another relic of yesteryear

On December 1st, four worthy members of the Society, Messrs. Walker, Roach, Westland and Corley went for a little excursion by car into Toronto's hinterland with the main purpose of inspecting the derelict T.T.C. trailers 2409 & 2411 near Kleinburg. This they did, but the feature of the afternoon was not these more modern specimens of transit.

As the four proceeded east along the road between Schomberg and Aurora, the last named of the party espied a deck roofed, sagging framework near the community of Pottageville. It proved to be the body of Toronto Railway car 544, one of the victims of the 1921-1923 purge. Used as a tool shed on a farm just east of the village crossroads, this ancient prize has evidently been resting here since 1924 and 1925, unknown to any of juice fan historians.

Inspection revealed that the rear vestibule had been cut away, and evidently the car has received no paint since the T.R.C. did its final job on it. However, inside the number stands out quite clearly, and the fancy green and gold trim on the ceiling is quite visible. The front of the car is collapsing and has to be propped up with logs. Generally, 544 is in a very poor condition, and from the owner's comments, it may very shortly be scrapped.

Surely there are many other such old cars being used as chicken houses, etc. about the country-side—if any member knows where one or more of these are located, we would appreciate hearing from him.

Railways: T.Ry.Co., T.T.C.