October 1945, No. 2 Upper Canada Railway Society Newsletter (Toronto) Page 3

The directorate

Some confusion has been registered as to just what is the present make-up of the Directorate, so to clear this up, and to let our newer members know also, here is a list of the present officers:

President: Albert S. Olver**
First Vice President: John W. Griffin
Second Vice President: Douglas W. Knowles
Third Vice President: Robert S. Brown
Secretary: Edward F. Bush**
Acting Secretary: William T. Sharp
Treasurer: John A. Macnab**
Acting Treasurer: Stuart I. Westland
Assistant Secretary: John D. Knowles**
Acting Assistant Secretary: R. John Bost
Curator: Garner N. Charles
** on Active Service

The locations of the next four meetings of the Society are as follows:

There is a possibility that the February or March meeting will be held at the T.T.C. Head Office, as the Directorate has under consideration applying to the Commission for showing its publicity film, 40 Million Miles and a talk on future developments for Toronto, which would certainly provide an interesting evening.