April 1972, No. 315 Upper Canada Railway Society Newsletter (Toronto) Page 51

Railway news and comment


Canadian National branch line hearing

Canadian National's application to abandon its branch line from Penetanguishene to Barrie came before the Canadian Transportation Commission at a heading held February 24th at Elmvale, Ontario.

Edward Healy, manager of the Northern Ontario Area told the commission that the railway has made almost no repairs on a 31-mile stretch of the line. The trackage would almost have to be completely replaced if the railway continued to use it. A 13-mile portion of the line between Elmvale and Penetanguishene has been closed since 1967 because of a condemned bridgeThe condemned bridge is not reflected in time tables.. CN claims it lost more than $108,000 in operating the branch line in the years 1968 through 1970. Losses were $29,074 in 1968, $49,027 in 1969 and $30,188 in 1970. In order for the railway to use the section of the line now in operation for two more years, it would be necessary to spend $424,000 in repairs. To repair the line for its entire length for two years' use, it would cost $700,000.

Ronald Wagner, president of Wagner Pulpwood Industries Ltd., said that if the railway abandons the line, his transportation costs would go up by $3 per cord of wood. This firm cuts pulpwood in county forests adjacent to the branch and ships it to the Ontario Paper Co. in Thorold. If the line closed down the wood would have to be carried by truck for an additional ten miles to another rail line. Ontario Paper would be forced to stop buying wood because of the prohibitive trucking costs.

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