December 1922, Vol. 73, No. 26 Railway Age (New York) Page 1213, col. 2

Railway construction


Canadian National.—This company will construct a connection approximately 29 1/2 miles long, between the Canadian Northern Ontario Railway near Longlac, Ont., and the National Transcontinental Railway near Nakina. Longlac is on the Canadian Northern main line between Montréal and Winnipeg, 480.7 miles northwest of North Bay, while Nakina is 52.25 miles west of Cochrane. The distance from Winnipeg to Montréal, via the National Transcontinental Railway to Nakina, the proposed connection to Longlac, and the Canadian Northern to Montréal, will be 1,357 miles as compared to 1,411 via the Canadian Pacific, and 1,459 via the Canadian Northern through Port Arthur. The distance from Winnipeg to Toronto will likewise be reduced to 1,207 miles, via the new line, as compared with 1,257 miles, via the National Transcontinental to Cochrane and the Temiskaming & Northern Ontario, and 1,309 miles via the Canadian Northern line through Port Arthur. This route will also eliminate the necessity of dropping down from the height of land to Lake Superior at Port Arthur and rising again at Winnipeg.

Railways: C.N.O.Ry., C.N.Rys., N.T.Ry.

Stations: Longlac