May 22, 1935 B.R.C. File No. 39310.13 (Hagersville Sub. - Jarvis to Port Dover) (Ottawa)

A.D. Cartwright,
Board of
Railway Commissioners
for Canada
Office of the Sectretary,

May 22nd, 1935.

File No. 39310.13.

Dear Sir:-

I enclose herewith certified copy of Order of the Board No. 51934 dated May 13th, 1935.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Yours truly,
A.D. Cartwright

Copy of above Order sent to parties shown on attached list.-J.Mc.

I. C. Rand, Esq., K.C.

Commission Counsel, C.N.Rys.,

Montréal, Que.


Village of Port Dover,

Port Dover, Ont.

The Clerk,

Township of Woodhouse,

Port Dover, Ont.

The Clerk,

Township of Walpole,

Jarvis, Ont.

The Reeve,

Village of Jarvis,

Jarvis, Ont.

The President,

Board of Trade,

Jarvis, Ont.

R. H. MacNabb, Esq.,

Chief Superintendent,

Railway Mail Service,

Post Office Department,

Ottawa, Ont.

Jarvis, Ont.

T. E. Birkett, Esq.,

Motor Vehicle Branch,

Dept. of Highways,

Room 1634, Parliament Bldgs.,

Toronto, Ont.

Operating Dept.,


R. H. Coats, Esq.

Dominion Statistician,

Dept. of Highways,

Bureau of Statistics,

Ottawa, Ont.

Railways: C.N.Rys.