Thursday, May 15, 1930 The Simcoe Reformer Page 8

Pt. Dover-Stratford train to be cancelled in June.

A few weeks ago it was reported that the early morning train from Port Dover to Stratford was to be cancelled when general changes were made throughout the entire C.N.R. system on April 27th. As the date rolled around, no official word came regarding cancellation but the the hour of departure and arrival was advanced by a few minutes. It is now predicted, however, that the train will be cancelled when the summer schedule is announced on June 28th. This is borne out by a letter received by Village Clerk Sloan of Port Dover, which states that the Company has deferred the change until June 29th next and in doing so the railway company suggests that the municipalities or school board provide other means of transportation to take care of the children attending the high schools at different points served by these trains. So far as Port Dover is concerned, that village is well served by the L.E. & N. railway.

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