April 11, 1938 B.R.C. File No. 39310.33 (Port Rowan Sub. - Simcoe to Port Rowan) (Ottawa)

The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada

Application no.

Canadian National Railways hereby applies to the Board under Section 165A of the Railway Act, Section 2, Sub-section 3, of the Canadian National-Canadian Pacific Act, 1933, and all other appropriate statutory provision, for an Order granting it leave to abandon the operation of the following line of railway, namely:-

The Port Rowan Branch of the Simcoe Subdivision in the Province of Ontario between Simcoe (Mile 7.11Mileage of Simcoe should be 0.00.) on the Simcoe Subdivision and Port Rowan (Mile 16.92), a total distance of 16.92 milesThe junction between the Port Rowan branch approximately 0.33 mileages from Simcoe, so the actual length abandoned would have been 16.59 miles)..

In support of this application, the Applicant submits herewith a statement setting forth a general description of the line, its special industrial relationships, its revenues and expenses for the calendar years 1934, 1935, 1936 and 1937, an analysis of its freight traffic for the same years, and a map of the territory through which it runs. It is requested that this matter be set down for hearing at an early date.

A copy of this application and the statement submitted herewith is being sent to the persons named below.

Dated at the City of Montréal this Eleventh day of April 1938.Application contained in RG30 Vol 10120 File 6340.54 is not dated; date is from copy of application in N.A.C. RG12 Vol. 1346 File 3554.14.

I.C. Rand
Commission Counsel.

Copies sent to:-

Premier, Province of Ontario - Toronto
Clerk, Town of Simcoe - Simcoe )
Clerk, Village of Port Rowan - Port Rowan )
Clerk, Woodhouse Township - Port Dover )
Clerk, Charlotteville Townshup - Vittoria ) Ont.
Clerk, Walsingham S. Township - Port Rowan )
Clerk, Norfolk County - Simcoe )

Railways: C.N.Rys.