Thursday, September 20, 1906 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 8, col. 3

Raikes' crossing

A subway proposed.

On the invitation of Mr. Geo. Raikes the Oro Council met, on Monday, 10th inst., Mr. McCall and Mr. Brown, engineers of the G.T.R. together with a large number of ratepayers at that portion of Ridge Road known as Raikes' Crossing. After a thorough inspection of the grounds and the site of the proposed bridge and after hearing the views of various ratepayers the meeting adjourned until Friday evening in the Temperance Hall, Shanty Bay. At the close the Council was entertained to dinner at Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Ball's, Woodbine Farm, subsequently having the pleasure of viewing the beautiful grounds of Mr. Frederic Nicholls. At the adjourned meeting, with the Reeve in the chair, the discussion was again opened as to the best means of improving the crossing, when a large number of ratepayers took part. A resolution was finally carried, endorsing a subway if practicable as the best mode of crossing.

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