Thursday, May 28, 1908, Vol. 57, No. 22 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 1, col. 5

Arrested in Toronto.

Hawkestone station thieves traced by an express order.

Frank Patterson, aged 19, and Thomas H, Davey, aged 18, both of Meaford, were arrested in a boarding house on Gerrard Street, Toronto, on Thursday afternoon by Detectives Guthrie and Wallace, charged with burglary of the Grand Trunk Railway station at Hawkestone, on Monday night, May 18th. They were taken to police headquarters, and to Sergeant Verney they admitted their guilt, and explained how they had done the job.

The arrest of the pair was effected through an express order, stolen from the station, which was cashed at the head office of the express company by a young woman. When the order was presented it was recognized as one of those stolen, and the detectives hunted the young woman up. She said she had an appointment to meet the young man who gave it to her in the afternoon. The officers waited for him, but he failed to appear. The young woman, show gave the name of Miss Warren, then took them to the house on Gerrard Street, and the officers found both Patterson and Davey in one of the rooms. Another stolen express order was found in their possession, together with a 22-calibre revolver, cartridges and a quantity of railroad tickets. A cheque, also stolen, was found torn up outside the window.

The station was entered between 8.30 and 9.30 at night. Patterson was formerly a telegraph operator at Hawkestone, and he got in by a key which he had for the office.—Mail and Empire.

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