Thursday, May 31, 1923, Vol. 72, No. 15 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 4, col. 4

New locomotive on C.N.R. are largest yet

The Canadian National Railways are putting into operation on the Toronto-Montréal run the first of six new locomotives, the largest ever built or used in Canada.

These huge engines have 8 pairs of driving wheels, are said to be capable of drawing a 16-car train at 75 miles an hour and are too long to turn on any ordinary roundhouse turntable. They will make the complete distance between Montréal and Toronto, it is understood, whereas at present the International Limited and other fast trains between these points change engines at Belleville.

Mr. C. S. Needham, assistant general manager of central district, said new engines were in course of construction by the Kingston Locomotive Works, but so far as specifications and plans of the giant locomotives were concerned, no advance information was to be made public for the present.

It is understood, if successful, the new engines will considerably reduce the running time to Montréal.

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