Thursday, December 3, 1931, Vol. 79, No. 40 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 1, col. 1

Get $4.69 for car load of turnips

While railroads, customs and middle men get $295.31.

Some may wonder why farmers and farmers' sons are discontented. Well. T. G. Scythes and his sons, of Innisfil township, have just reason to feel discontented and hot under the collar.

Some weeks ago, Mr. Scythes made arrangements to ship several car loads of turnips to Long Island, near New York, through the United Farmers' Co-operative Co. of Ontario. The turnips were select, all hand-picked, and bagged, and sold for 56¢ per bushel, delivered at Craigvale station.

Here is the invoice Mr. Scythes received the other day for one car:

600 bags turnips at 56¢ per bus. 336.00
Freight, duty, consular insurance 270.81
Sacks 36.00
U.S. brokerage 12.50
Commission 12.00
Net returns on car 4.69

The returns for a second car was also received. These turnips brought 52c a bushel, but the net return for the car was slightly better, being $6.62.

Mr. Scythes says that he was given to understand the turnips would net him 17 cent a bushel, but instead he got about 3/4 cents a bushel. They were all culled and hand-picked. He sold several loads of the culls in the neighborhood for 8 cents a bushel. The Co-operative Co. certainly did not advise Mr. Scythes very well in his venture.

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