Thursday, July 21, 1932, Vol. 80, No. 21 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 8, col. 3

C.N.R. removes rail and station at Wyebridge

The Midland-Birch Junction branch of the C.N.R., built over twenty years ago, is now nothing but a memory. The removal of the station at Wyebridge, the only building of any importance on the line, was completed recently, and the rails taken up along the roadbed by C.N.R. employees. The railway bridge erected near the station has also been removed. A number of men and teams are now employed in filling in the road where the bridge stood. The C.N.R. subway near this point, the scene of so many motor accidents, is also slated for removal.

The branch line was constructed in the first place to relieve the congestion on the Midland-Orillia line, that was crowded with freight at that time, due to the establishment of the smelter at Midland that was using thousands of cars of coke a month.

For several years back, this branch has been anything but a paying proposition, and even the great advances made in the tourist business has not been able to compensate for the loss of shipments of iron, grain, lumber and other commodities to a sufficient extent to make this road worth further consideration. Then too the motor cars, buses and trucks have been cutting large holes in the receipts in the way of handling passengers and package freight.

No more will the kiddies of the countryside rush out to the fence to see the train go by, or will the village be roused in a frosty morning by the shrill whistle of an approaching engine. The time that Wyebridge had a railroad is now a matter of past history.

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