Sunday, July 23, 1933, Vol. 87, No. 22 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 6, col. 4

Farm news


Inspection of Ontario turnips

Stricter regulations will be enforced in the marketing of Ontario turnips and all carlots must come under government inspection. There is a growing trade from the province to the United States, mostly from the limestone districts, that produce a high-quality turnip. Last year this amounted to over 4,000 carloads or 2,000,000 bushels.

The Marketing Board became particularly interested in the industry as it was felt farmers were getting a low price for this crop and that something might be done to secure more satisfactory returns. Now official grading has been adopted whereby buyers may be assured they are getting a uniformly high-quality product. Several meetings were held by the shippers resulting in a request to both the provincial and federal Ministers of Agriculture that as a first step compulsory grading of all turnips before supplies leave the shipping point.

Plans for central packing, grading, washing and branding are being considered and many sections are taking steps to follow the lead of the Blackwater district which has pioneered the way in modern turnip merchandising. The Blackwater [Turnip] Growers' Association has increased returns more than 50 percent for field run turnips as a result of their special pack.

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