Thursday, December 13, 1934, Vol. 87, No. 41 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 5, col. 3



Hawkestone has been for a number of years a police village. There are two well stocked stores in the village, and both keep hardware in stock. Railroad facilities in past years have been very favorable, but there are rumors, owing to the depression, that our station agent many be moved to some other place. In the event of such a change taking place we do not know at present what other arrangement will be made. Mr. McCuish, the present agent, has proven himself to be an excellent agent. There are at present three gasoline stations in village, and a sawmill. Mr. Jordan, owner of the mill, chops grain and planes lumber. There is also a grist mill, the owner being Mr. Art Crawford, who does a big business with the farmers of the township.

There is a blacksmith shop, the owner being Mr. T. Joslin. He also has the facilities for repairing cars. There are two churches in the village, Anglican and United, and one school house. Mr. D. Campbell, of Guthrie, is the teacher and is giving good satisfaction.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Hawkestone