Thursday, February 18, 1937, Vol. 90, No. 51 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 1, col. 3

The annual ice harvest on Kempenfeldt Bay will begin early next week if samples of the water are returned from the Department of Health as satisfactory, it was learned today.

It is expected that the Canadian National Railways, Scott Bros. and Barrie Fuel & Supply Co. will harvest of an approximate total of 10,000 tons of ice, which will employ about 100 men. The three firms expect to have their supply cut and stored in one week after operations begin.

The ice this year averages only 12 1/2 inches thick, from eight to ten inches below normal. Lack of snow, at present, will hinder the hauling of the ice to the storage plans of the two local firms.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Allandale