Thursday, January 21, 1937, Vol. 90, No. 47 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 5, col. 4



John Patton, 62 William St., stepped from train no. 44 on Jan. 14th, his 65th birthday, after making his last run as an engineer for the C.N.R. He has since been receiving the congratulations of officials of the company and his friends on his retirement.

A life-long residence of Allandale, Mr. Patton entered the service of the road in 1892, and had completed 45 years' service all but two weeks. His first job was that of cleaning engines, and in 1902 he was placed at the throttle of his first locomotive Since that time he has driven all the trains operating out of the yards. More recently he had been driving trains nos. 44 and 44 [sic] from Allandale to North Bay.

During his years of service in the cab he had not hand a single major accident and not a single life had been lost while the train was in his charge.

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