Thursday, January 28, 1937, Vol. 90, No. 48 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 1, col. 3

Death of S. Kilgour declared accidental

Witnesses at the inquest of Mr. Samuel Kilgour, of Barrie, held at the Toronto morgue, failed to give any explanation of the accident in which he was thrown into the air from a C.N.R. car into which scrap iron was being loaded at South River, Ont., on Dec. 1st.

Three men who had been working Kilgour at South River gave evidence. They were David McVeigh, foreman of the job; Edward H. Ward, hoist engineer, and Harvey Webb, who had been working three feet from the deceased when the fatal accident occurred. Evidence showed that the men had been despatched to South River following the burning of a coal chute, to remove the twisted iron wreckage. Only two or three bundles of scrap iron remained to be loaded on the car on a siding.

According to Webb and the others Kilgour had carried out his regular duties; he had unhitched the load and stood back to give the signal dump the crane bucket. When the dumping took place, he was hurled into the air and thrown to the hard-frozen ground.

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