October 31, 1912 B.R.C. File No. 20855 (Train service at Washago) (Ottawa)

Bracebridge, Ont. Oct. 31st 1912.

To The Chairman,

Dominion Board of Railway Commissioners



Dear Sir:

I beg to ask the attention of your Board of Commissioner respecting the service rendered to the travelling public by the Grand Trunk and Canadian Northern Railways at Washago, which is a station on the Grand Trunk line from Toronto to North Bay, and the point where the Canadian Northern line from Toronto to Sudbury crosses the Grand Trunk. At this point a considerable number of passengers change from one line to the other, and under the existing circumstances and train service I consider that there is an injustice being done which should not be allowed, and would ask that the liberty of making an explanation of some of the circumstances in support of my contention.

(1st) There is a daily train from North Bay to Toronto, which would connect with a Canadian Northern train for Sudbury, but the Grand Trunk train does not stop at Washago, but stops at Severn, a station two miles north, and passengers going north on the Canadian Northern, have to leave the train at Severn and go by stage those two miles to Washago, which costs anywhere from twenty-five cents to a dollar each, according to the number of passengers, and if there has been any delay, passengers may find that on their arrival in Washago the Canadian Northern train have gone out.

(2nd) On the Canadian Northern line north of Parry Sound, there is only one train a day each way, and the southbound train arrives at Washago about 5 p.m. and passengers who wish to transfer to the Grand Trunk will find that the mail train both north & south (and which stop at Washago) passed through there a shorty time before the Canadian Northern train arrived, and there will not be another train stop there till about noon the following day, and in case it should be Saturday evening there would not be a train till Monday. Trains would pass through in the interval, but would not stop, and passengers must wait, of find other means of travelling.

In conclusions I would say that I have had considerable personal experience in connection with the circumstances which I have endeavoured to set before you, and in common with many others have endured the hardships, inconveniences and expense, which such a state of affairs is bound to impose on the travelling public. The conditions described have continued (to a greater or less extent) for several years, and I would respectfully submit this explanation of the existing circumstances to the consideration of your Commissioners in the hope that they may investigate the matter and if in their power do something to better the situation.

Yours respectfully
J. H. Thomson.

Railways: C.No.Ry., G.T.Ry.

Stations: Bracebridge, Severn, Washago, Washago (CNOR)