December 23, 1912 B.R.C. File No. 20855 (Train service at Washago) (Ottawa)

Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Postal Station F, Toronto,

Dec. 23rd, 1912.


Dear Sir:—

Your letter of Nov. 14th and Dec. 10th enclosing copy of complaint from Mr. J. H. Thomson of Bracebridge, Ont. under date of Oct. 31st which refers to train service or train connection between the Canadian Northern and Grand Trunk Railways at Washago, Ont. Received. In reply, I wish to say that on a recent date I have had this matter up with the Canadian Northern and also called on Mr. Thomson at Bracebridge and I find that the complaint is a just one.

Passengers from Bracebridge or any point north of Washago would have to leave the G.T.R. train at Severn and drive a distance of something over tow miles across to the Canadian Northern and then sometimes only to find that the Canadian Northern train had gone north. The people are compelled to leave the G.T.R. train at Severn, that is, the morning train #64 which does not stop at Washago. When I was returning from Bracebridge, the C.N.R. train was standing at Washago, but #64, G.T.R. southbound train did not stop at Washago. This connection should, undoubtedly, be made, as the stopping of G.T.R. train #64 at Washago would not make much difference with its arriving at Toronto. The G.T.R. northbound evening train also passed through Washago without stopping. This is a connection that should also be made with the Canadian Northern to enable people living north of Washago on the line of the G.T.R. to return from Parry Sound and other points along the Canadian Northern line. By making this connection the lumber men and other shipper would be able to reach their homes the same night. I would, therefore, recommend that G.T.R. trains be stopped at Washago and make connections with the Canadian Northern, as the Canadian Northern trains now stop at that point.

Yours truly,
J. Clarke
Inspector B.R.C.

A. J. Nixon, Esq.,
Chief Operating Officer B.R.C.
Ottawa, Ontario.

Railways: C.No.Ry., G.T.Ry.

Stations: Washago, Washago (CNOR)