June 21, 1913 B.R.C. File No. 20855 (Train service at Washago) (Ottawa)

Grand Trunk Railway System

Office of General Superintendent Transportation

D. Crombie,

General Superintendent Transportation.

W. H. Farrell,

Superintendent Freight Service.

F. Price,

Superintendent Passenger Service.

Montréal, Que. June 21st, 1913.


Mr. W. H. Biggar,

General Counsel,


Dear Sir:—

Complaint of J.H. Thomson, Bracebridge, Ont., re train No. 64 stopping at Washago.

Referring to your file 13324 of the 17th., instant and other correspondence in connection with the Board ordering the above train to be stopped on flag at Washago for the month of May with a view to determine how valuable the service would prove and the intimation of the Board under date of 22nd., that this station should be made a regular stop for train #64.

From information furnished by General Superintendent Whittenberger I I notice the train stopped (flagged) 26 times during the 31 days, a total of 88 passengers for the month having arrived at and departed from Washago.

We are agreeable to instructing that Washago be made a flag stop for train #64 if this will prove satisfactory to the Commissioners.

Yours truly,
D. Crombie
Gen'l Sup't Trans.


Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Washago