March 2, 1923 B.R.C. File No. 20855 (Train service at Washago) (Ottawa)


Washago, March 2nd20th, 1923.

To the Board of Railway Commissioners,

Toronto, Ontario.

Dear Sirs:—

We, the undersigned citizens of Washago desire that you would arrange in the coming time tables to make Washago a station stop, or failing that a flag stop for No. 47 and either No. 55 or 57.

Many people travel via auto to Orillia daily on account of no facilities for return except No. 4745 which leaves Orillia too early to render us satisfaction.

We are certain the Railway earnings would be considerably increased and valuable service rendered Washago if you could see fit to make this arrangements.

Fred Garry
W. H. Robinson
L. P. Chappell
A. Boynton

And about one hundred and seven (107) others.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Washago