January 1908, No. 119 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 33, col. 1

G.T.R. betterments, construction, etc.

Maintenance of way.—Press reports stated that at a conference of heads of departments connected with the maintenance of way department held at Toronto, Dec. 2, the question of improving the roadbed was discussed, and added that under the direction of M, S. Blaiklock, Engineer of Maintenance of Way, the company intended during the coming summer to spend a large amount of money on improvements to the roadbed. We are advised that the improvements for 1908 was not the subject under discussion at the recent meeting held in Toronto.

Montréal track elevation.—At a meeting of the level crossings committee of the Montréal City Council held Dec. 12, W. Wainwright, Fourth Vice-President, G.T.R., stated that the company had plans in hand for a complete reorganization of the passenger tracks at Bonaventure station, and was only awaiting the outcome of the negotiations on the level crossings question before proceeding to carry them out. A letter was read from the company stating that the elevation of the tracks for passenger service and freight station and tracks would bring the cost of the work to an amount which would really make the same impracticable, and, therefore, the company would be glad to have the committee consider whether it would be not more desirable to leave the tracks on the level of such streets as are necessary to approach the freight stations and passenger yard, and to take care of the intersecting streets by means of viaducts. The idea of the company is that the tracks elevated from the city limits shall proceed down an incline to the level as from Guy St. to the Bonaventure station. After some discussion it was agreed that one or two engineers to be appointed by the council should meet representatives of the company and prepare plans for getting rid of level crossings in the city, either by elevated or underground tracks, and submit the same by Mar. 1.

Freight terminals at St. Lambert.—We are advised that the company has secured a strip of land about 400 ft. wide and two miles long, on the north side of the right-of-way at St. Lambert, Que., to be used for putting in sorting and switching yards, work upon which will be begun as soon as the weather will permit in the spring. The matter came before the Board of Railway Commissioners at a sitting at St. Lambert Dec. 9, at which considerable opposition was manifested to the company's plans. It was contended that the yards and sidings would destroy the best residential section of the town. The Commissioners viewed the site of the proposed yard, and reserved judgment.

Car shops for Barrie.—A deputation from Barrie, Ont., has been informed that by including all G.T.R. property, present and to be acquired, in a fixed assessment of $35,000, the company will erect car repair shops for the Northern Division there. Information was promised as to the size of the shops and the number of men to be employed, to enable the council to reach a decision.

Port Huron shops.—Plans are being prepared for the erection of some additional buildings at the locomotive shops at Port Huron, Mich. At the car shops good progress is being made with the new buildings. The second of the new structures, 40 by 400 ft., it is expected will be started early in Jan.

Kalamazoo, Mich.—Land has been purchased at Kalamazoo. Mich., for terminals, and it is stated that a branch from the main line will be constructed in the spring to connect it up. Another report states that the Chicago and Kalamazoo Terminal Ry. has been transferred to the G.T.R., and will be used in connection with the projected branch from the main line to Kalamazoo. (Dec, 1907, pg. 897.)

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