January 1910, No. 143 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 43, col. 1

Canadian Northern Ry. construction, etc.

Canadian Northern Ontario Ry.—The line from Hawkesbury via Rockland, to Ottawa. 59 miles, was inspected and passed for the operation of freight and passenger trains by the inspecting engineers of the Department of Railways, Dec. 3. A through train service from Québec and Montréal to Ottawa was put in operation by the Canadian Northern Québec Ry., Dec. 5. As a result of the refusal of the Board of Railway Commissioners to confirm an agreement with the Ottawa City Council, by which the line would cross Hurdman's Road at rail level, the company has had to erect a temporary station at Gladstone Ave. It is intended to construct a subway instead of a level crossing, and when this is done the line will connect with one of the existing lines near the University oval and run into the Central station.

In connection with the securing of the right of way for the line from Toronto to Ottawa, of which the section from Toronto to Trenton is under contract, the C.N.O. Ry. paid $17,800 into court, and has to pay $30,000 more into court, to enable it to enter into possession of certain lands required for its right of way in the vicinity of Toronto, the value of which is being settled by arbitration. Construction is proceeding with considerable rapidity. It is reported that the fencing along nearly the whole of the right-of-way has been put up. Between Trenton and Brighton, over four miles of grading has been completed, and considerable stretches have also been graded in the vicinity of Colborne, and other points between Cobourg and the Don Valley. An effort is being made by the residents of the lake front towns to induce the company to change the route of the line easterly from Trenton, so that it will take in all the lake shore territory, striking the C.N. Québec line at Hawkesbury, from which point the company has already a connection with Ottawa. W. Mackenzie, President C.N.R., on his return to Toronto from Halifax, N.S., recently was waited upon by a deputation representative of the lake front towns between Toronto and Prescott, to urge consideration of the matter.

D. D. Mann, Vice-President C.N.R., said in an interview in Toronto. Dec. 16: We will erect repair shops and a roundhouse in Toronto next summer. Should we be given the right of entry, Ashbridge's Marsh will probably be the site on which they will be built. When our eastern and western lines are coupled up we will have to have very extensive shops in Toronto. And as our eastern line is being built under a year's contract, and should be finished, as far as Trenton next fall, we will have to start constructing these shops in the summer. They will large enough for the requirements of our two lines running out of Toronto, and will be so arranged that extensions can be made just as fast as the exigencies of business demand. The suggestion has been made that Ashbridge's Marsh would be an excellent site, and should the city grant us the right to construct a line down there the district may be adopted. in connection with this matter the company's application for a right-of-way on the east bank of the Don into the Ashbridge Bay district have been left over with the Toronto City Council of 1910 to deal with.

Plans were filed Dec. 8, showing a proposed plan of entry of the company's line from Toronto to Buffalo, into Hamilton. The plans show a route over the C.P.R. and the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Ry. A Hamilton report says that the C.P. R. objects to the plan on the ground that the Hunter St. tunnel is not calculated to accommodate more than the present traffic.

Engineering parties are in the field in the vicinity of the Nipigon River and Lake in connection with the surveys for the line to connect the C.N.O. Ry. near Sudbury, with the C.N.R. at Port Arthur. One party is reported to be at work between Nipigon River and Long Lake, and another between Nipigon River and Black Sturgeon River. It is expected that the new line will cross the Nipigon River at Deschamps, a short distance north of the C.P.R.

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